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Video: Offering a Seamless Experience with Microsoft Technology

For local councils, managing citizen data and communications is an important but often difficult task – especially when dealing with multiple different types of customer communications each day.

From collecting bulk waste to booking events venues, the huge variety in customer requests and queries means that we often see councils using hundreds of different systems to service their customers, and unfortunately, these systems all come with their downfalls, such as having their own maintenance costs and IT teams, as well as siloed data information.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, your organisation can benefit from having one, easy-to-use platform, that brings all your technology needs and wants under one roof, helping you streamline your processes and gain a single view of your customers.

The connected Microsoft infrastructure provides a seamless experience from start to finish, for both customers and employees alike. Citizens have access to a Customer Portal that allows them to self-serve key requests and make payments where necessary, whether they're applying for a garden waste bin or booking a registrar, the portal is simple and easy to use. Customers can also benefit from easy-to-access knowledge base articles, as well as a variety of different communication channels, meaning they have all the necessary tools to resolve or raise their requests.

For employees, the platform offers a simpler way to manage these service requests, with automated workflows and connected data freeing up valuable time and resource, as well as removing the need for duplication of data. Scheduling repairs, sending marketing emails, managing portfolios and monitoring chargeable services are just a small selection of things Microsoft technology can help your organisation streamline.

The short animation below offers further insight into the benefits a single platform can bring to your organisation, as well as exploring some of the key functions and features of the technologies that make up the platform.

We’ve also got this handy graphic which gives a useful overview of the different elements of the platform and shows how customers and employees might use them at a glance.

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