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Exploring Our App in a Day Offering

If your organisation is looking for a smart way to address a challenge or business requirement, the Microsoft Power Platform – and Power Apps in particular – could provide a simple solution.

Developed to empower individuals to create apps of their own and implement these in very little time, Power Apps puts you in control of your organisations challenges by allowing you to overcome them using the wonders of technology.

For those unsure how to get started with Power Apps, Tisski are here to help.

What is an ‘app in a day’ session?

At Tisski, we provide Power Apps workshops to organisations who are at the very beginning of their journey with the Microsoft Power Platform.

Using Power Apps technology, a low-code application can be built in just a day (or in some cases as little time as half a day or even a couple of hours), hence the name ‘app in a day’.

Those attending an app in a day workshop are shown how to use Power Apps to tailor-make a solution for a specific business need or requirement and, by the end of the session, the app can be made available for the organisation to use.

What do I need to know in advance?

If you’re thinking of booking in for an app in a day session, we’d ideally have you submit thoughts and ideas on a specific business challenge you’d like your Power App to be able to address in advance of the session.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure, though – we can always use the first part of the session to generate ideas. This is great way to help attendees understand the capabilities of Power Apps and its capacity to solve a wide range of organisational challenges.

What does an app in a day session entail?

An app in a day session is led by a Tisski consultant. As well as assisting with idea generation, they work with your team to build an app solution that fulfils your chosen purpose there and then. As the app is created, they’ll explain exactly how they’re doing it, helping attendees understand each aspect of the platform and process, arming with the knowledge and skill to build apps of their own in the near future.

By the end of the session, attendees will know how to create tables and fields in Microsoft Dataverse and have the ability to use this to create and modify an app to meet their requirements.

What technology is involved?

Typically, these workshops will employ the Microsoft Dataverse as a place to store and access data and a canvas app that can be used to interact with and create data across mobile and desktop devices. The length of the session and the idea attendees decide to run with will determine which components of the Power Platform are used.

For an interactive, desktop-orientated data experience, we’ll likely use model-driven apps; Power Automate would be used if the main purpose of the app was to automate processes or repetitive tasks; for those wanting to involve external data sources (such as an SQL database or a social media platform), we’ll use connectors. Importantly, all of this can be run within the context of a standard Power Apps license.

Is the app in a day tried and tested?

Yes! We’ve delivered numerous app in a day sessions, including one for Royal United Hospitals, who wanted a way to save frontline NHS staff time and effort when checking equipment in resuscitation bags on intensive care units.

The app we created used Microsoft Dataverse to store information about the resuscitation bags and their contents, as well as information about the checks. With a simple design, staff can easily choose to do a new checklist (i.e. a full audit) or log an “ad hoc” issue if they happen to see something out of place. When doing a full check, the app presents users with a list of all the equipment, including images; once complete, issues with bags or equipment can be reported, or the report can just be submitted.

The data is immediately populated in the Dataverse. A model-driven app was also created to help office staff interact with the data, carrying out reporting and assessment.

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