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Microsoft and Tisski Introduce Tech to Manage Return to Work

While restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 are slowly beginning to lift around the UK, workplace safety and compliance with related laws and government guidance are still as important as they ever were.

Consideration of office capacity, social distancing and other regulations will not be a one-off occurrence, but a daily challenge facility managers and those in similar roles must face.

The good news? Microsoft has created a set of digital tools to help you manage your organisation’s return to the office – and Tisski has created additional features to make that return even easier.

Microsoft’s Return to the Workplace solution 

Built using Power Apps, Power BI and Power Automate (all part of the Power Platform), Microsoft’s Return to the Workplace solution will introduce the following functionality to your organisation: 

  1. Location Readiness – A Power BI dashboard which presents you with Covid-19 stats specific to your office’s local area, including new cases per day, fatal cases per day, 14 day moving average per one hundred thousand population and associated risk level, 14 day moving average fatal cases per million population, and reproductive number. 

  2. Workplace Care Management – An app which lets you store employee information securely, log any measures taken when an employee is suspected or confirmed to have Coronavirus, and revoke employees’ ability to visit the office, wherever needed. 

  3. Employee Return to the Workplace – An app for your employees to download, letting them check your facility’s status, book a visit and access a digital day pass, and let you know how they feel about coming into the office. 

  4. Facility Safety Management – A multi-feature app used to log facility information, track opening phases, view employee bookings, visits, sentiment and health, and check guest visitor registrations and attestations. 

Tisski’s add-ons

Our team has developed extra features for the Return to the Workplace solution, giving you the opportunity to be even more meticulous in your approach to reopening your office.

  1. Seat Planner – Make sure your office is following social distancing guidelines with an office map showing which seats can and can’t be occupied. The acceptable distance between employees is customisable, making it easy to adapt as rules relax or tighten in the future.

  2. Employee Return to the Workplace customisation – Employees planning a visit to the office can book the exact seat they would like to sit in with our additional app functionality. They can also register a guest visitor and book a seat for them, as well.

  3. Arrival and Departure app – This extra application enables your front-of-house team to scan all employee and guest QR codes as they arrive and leave. This will automatically update your dashboard to show how many people are in the office, and give breakdowns of how many are in each area and on every floor.
Want Tisski to help you prepare for your return to work?

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Want Tisski to help you prepare for your return to work?

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