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Simplify Reporting Processes with Our Service Request Framework

Local councils are inundated with hundreds of service requests every day. From reports of missed bin collections to complaints about anti-social behaviour, interactions between local councils and their residents are not always easy to keep on top of.

It's important that local councils deal with queries and issues as quickly and effectively as possible, while ensuring the customer’s data is handled with care – having the right back-office technology to support this process is key.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Tisski have developed a repeatable Service Request Framework that supports local councils with the end-to-end management of these everyday requests.

The graphic below demonstrates how our Service Request Framework can help to track and fulfil customer queries and issues. From receiving the initial report and a work order being created, to a satisfaction survey being sent once the issue has been resolved, our Service Request Framework covers the customer’s journey from start to finish.

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