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Tisski Employees Share Insight into Working Through Covid-19

Settling into a new normal at Tisski  

Juggling various priorities such your career, family and anything else you have going on isn’t always easy – and throwing a global pandemic into the mix was never going to make life any simpler.

So, what exactly was it like working for Tisski during the height of Coronavirus and the restrictions imposed because of it, and how does it differ from normal life? Here, two employees share their experience…

Saima's experience 

Saima engages with her team and Tisski clients on a daily basis, playing a key role in the smooth running of projects, from start to finish. Essentially, she ensures that products and services are delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Speaking of her role, Saima said: “There really is no typical day for a delivery manager – your tasks and time can vary day to day, depending on what the multiple projects you’re managing need.”

Outside of work, Saima is a mother to a young daughter, yet despite having to add ‘teacher’ to her list of responsibilities, Tisski’s ‘extremely proactive and supportive’ approach to the fast-developing situation surrounding Covid-19 helped Saima settle into a new routine.

“I began to start my day earlier, logging on at 6am for some focussed quiet time before having some breakfast and making sure my daughter was set up for her day of schoolwork. While she worked, I caught up with my team members and on emails, and once her father took over parenting duties in the afternoon, I could spend my time with clients and in workshops.”

Considering Tisski’s already-flexible approach, Saima didn’t find work life too different to what it was pre-lockdown.

“Tisski truly are ahead,” Saima explained. “Their flexible work culture allows employees to maintain a healthier work-life balance. In the first few weeks, I was able to become accustomed to wearing all my hats at once: mummy, wife, schoolteacher and delivery manager. I was supported by Tisski to ensure that none of these roles I play suffered, and constantly provided with help through the offer of counselling and check-ins from my manager, who is just amazing.”

"Tisski truly are ahead, their flexible work culture allows employees to maintain a healthier work-life balance." Saima Khan
Senior Delivery Manager

Andrew's experience 

Having joined the company fairly recently, Andrew hasn’t yet experienced a ‘normal’ working day at Tisski.

“Ordinarily, I would spend most of my week visiting client headquarters to conduct meetings and workshops,” Andrew explained. “I started with Tisski two weeks after lockdown started, so while I would usually be away visiting customers, I’ve been home-based instead and all of my project work has been done remotely.”

Fortunately, joining Tisski in the height of a pandemic hasn’t stopped Andrew from settling in; the weekly, company-wide call to update employees on the situation regarding Covid-19 prevented Andrew feeling isolated in his new role, and he found the company quizzes a great way to socialise, albeit at a distance.

Speaking openly about whether life has been significantly different since the Covid-19 restrictions were imposed, Andrew revealed that his wife had an operation to remove a brain tumour back in September, meaning the lockdown has extended what for he and his wife had already been a long while spent primarily at home.

“Tisski have been incredibly supportive and understanding during these trying times,” Andrew said. “Not only in terms of onboarding me remotely, but my wife’s condition has meant that I may suddenly need to go and help her out or take her to medical appointments, as she is unable to drive or leave the house alone. Tisski have fully accommodated that, too!

“Joining a new employer is always tricky and brings uncertainty, but Tisski have managed every aspect of that and have been very understanding of both the pandemic and its effects, and my personal situation, too! I couldn’t be more thankful.”

"Tisski have been incredibly supportive and understanding during these trying times." Andrew McMenamin
Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant

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