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Webinar Replay: Managing Service Requests Effectively

Keeping your customers happy can be a difficult challenge when you're providing support to thousands of people at a time. From organising assistance to handling complaints, housing associations and local councils are inundated with hundreds of reports, requests and customer communications every day.

Our Service Request Framework uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 in all the best ways, working to centralise services and streamline internal processes - making time-consuming tasks more manageable.

This webinar catch up (below) offers you the chance to see one of Tisski's technical experts demonstrate the Service Request Framework live. Using reports of graffiti as a real-world example, you'll see the end-to-end process of the framework (from a self-service portal for reporting through to using Microsoft technology to schedule the clean up) and you'll learn how it could benefit your organisation.

To explore how using Microsoft Dynamics technology could benefit your organisation, take a look at the useful links section below.

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