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My Week’s Work Experience with Tisski

With a keen interest in the tech industry, secondary school student Emma recently joined the Tisski team for a week’s work experience. We caught up with Emma at the end of her time with us to find out what she got up to and how she thinks this exposure to the industry will help her in the future.

Tell us a little bit about your week. What have you been up to?

Tisski have given me lots of tasks and challenges in my time here. I spent each of the five days with a different area of the Tisski team: Monday with project management, Tuesday with development, Wednesday with resourcing, Thursday with business analysis and Friday with support. 

My work experience was virtual, but everyone I spoke to was incredibly helpful and engaging. For each specialism, I got to see exactly what people do as part of their job, and had the opportunity to ask questions and learn. Speaking to multiple people each day gave me such a diverse view on the different roles within the business and the importance of each. 

What did you enjoy most about your week as a Tisski employee?

I enjoyed meeting so many different people and finding out how they all fit together, acting as one to get tasks finished. I liked learning about Agile vs Waterfall in project management and the importance of managing time, cost and quality. Also, with development and business analysis, I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to communicate, document and process requests sent in by customers.

What are your aspirations for the future?

I’d really like to pursue a career in the IT sector, and I’m particularly interested in becoming a developer as I love the challenges of coding and development. My week with Tisski has really opened my eyes to the wide realms of possibilities within the computing sector, though. It’s also great to see how people can start in one department and then choose to progress into another, allowing for career development. I feel like this means there will always be something suited for you.

How do you think your work experience has helped you develop?

Speaking to different people from around the business, I’ve definitely been able to develop my communication skills. I’ve also developed my IT knowledge and use of subject specific language, and I’ve gained a real insight into how a business functions as a team. My week at Tisski has really broadened my skillset and mindset surrounding the IT world and I’ve gained a good understanding of how the different areas of the business work.

What do the next steps in your journey look like?

Next year, I’ll be going on to study A Levels in maths, computer science and French and I’m hoping to go to university to study computer science. Everybody that I’ve spoken to at Tisski has been more than helpful with suggestions for courses for me to enrol in and giving me helpful links and websites to further my knowledge. I’ll be looking into all of these to help prepare me for university and job applications in the future. I’d also like to work abroad at some point, and I feel the transferability of skills in IT will one day allow me to work from wherever in the world I want to.

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Join the Tisski team

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