Support members of the public with a purpose-built solution

VictimAssist was developed in-house to enable police forces around the country to provide the highest level of support and guidance for those who fall victim to crime.

What is VictimAssist?

What is VictimAssist?

Created to address the needs of a UK-based police force, VictimAssist is a tailored solution developed by Tisski to help provide information and advice to victims of crime. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, it’s so efficient and effective that we decided to adopt it as one of our custom solution offerings.

Introducing VictimAssist to your force will enable you to:

  • Offer a professional and compassionate service to those who need it most
  • Provide users with a single point of access for status updates and information on their case
  • Utilise dashboards to support decision-making
  • Enhance efficiency with automated reminders and task allocation
  • Embed feedback opportunities to help track and improve your service

This digital platform can help you overcome organisational challenges, and most importantly, provide the best possible service to those in need. If you opt for VictimAssist, our expert team will be there to support your force as it transitions from past platforms to this modern and meaningful alternative.

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Keep citizens in-the-know

By providing an easy-to-access portal, you’ll present the public with a platform that enables them to follow their case as it progresses through the criminal justice process.

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Drive an ‘online first’ approach and improve efficiency

Step away from on-premise infrastructure and make the most of a cloud-based solution that removes functional limitations and complexities, giving your employees more hours in the day to focus on the tasks that matter most.

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Meet statutory requirements with ease

By turning to a reliable online platform, you will greatly reduce the risk of errors and oversights commonly caused by manual input, as well as being able to access detailed analytics that will prove a great help in making sure your data meets statutory reporting demands.

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