VictimAssist By Tisski – Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Police

VictimAssist helps police forces deliver the highest level of support, guidance and care to the victims of crime.

Harnessing the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Tisski has created an integrated digital platform for handling case management and communications in a timely, efficient and consistent manner.

When West Mercia Police decided to develop an in-house support function, they chose to use VictimAssist and Dynamics365 to transform how it delivers support to around 16,000 victims of crime per year.

They needed to achieve an immediate step-change in service quality and create a flexible strategic platform that can respond to citizen feedback and changes to processes, best practice or regulations. VictimAssist enabled West Mercia Police to achieve this goal quickly, cost effectively and with minimal operational or financial risk.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Tisski

VictimAssist combines the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the insight, experience and expertise of Tisski.

  • Strategic platform: Microsoft Dynamics 365’s rich functionality and high configurability provides a single, scalable solution to meet the needs of victim support services now and in the future.

  • SaaS benefits: Microsoft Dynamics 365’s cloud capabilities remove the complexity, functional limitations, high costs and redundancy issues associated with legacy on-premise infrastructure.

  • Implementation: Tisski’s technical and project management expertise ensures rapid, seamless transition to VictimAssist, minimising risk and achieving ROI quickly.

  • Continuous improvement: Tisski can tailor VictimAssist to be responsive to change and support continuous improvement with minimal risk and without additional complexity.


    “Tisski’s understanding, technical capabilities and service levels have been extremely impressive
    throughout the implementation. We now have a flexible strategic platform that can respond to feedback and change so we meet the needs of victims now and in the future.”

    Matthew Chester, Head of Victim Services at West Mercia Police

    Explore the Key Benefits of VictimAssist


    VictimAssist ensures stakeholders remain connected and informed throughout the criminal justice process:


    Enhanced processes and feedback capture mechanisms ensure service delivery is consistent, high-quality and responsive.


    Creates a single access point providing victims with real-time status updates, key information, guidance and seamless onward referrals to partner agencies.


    Delivers a secure, configurable self-service experience allowing citizens to interact with victim support based on their own preferences.


    VictimAssist enables police forces to deliver a professional, compassionate and positive service whilst minimising the overhead on valuable operational resources:


    A single, real-time view over case information and interactions supports fully-informed decision making and timely victim communications.


    Streamlined workflows, automated capture/routing of information and intelligent allocation of tasks saves time and money.


    Interface with key databases and partner organisations’ systems to ensure a rapid and seamless two way flow of live data.


    VictimAssist reduces the risk of errors, oversights and delays whilst providing the detailed analytics needed to meet statutory reporting demands:


    Robust stage gates, alerts and automatic escalations ensure critical processes are followed and targets around response times and service quality are met.


    Customisable dashboards for user groups and managers provides immediate access to key information and performance metrics.


    Live data and tailored analysis tools support efficient statutory and on-demand stakeholder reporting requirements.


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