A Woman Leading in a Man’s World

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#FemaleBoss maybe trending across social media platforms, but the MD of Tisski Ltd, Anna Assassa has been owning her seat amongst the board since 19**. Founding her first IT business at the age of 26 years old, we let you in on a few stories which have kept this female boss one step ahead of the game.

Tisski is a technology company specialising in Microsoft Dynamics 365, CRM and Nav. Not your usual business for an unqualified, Essex girl but Anna knows her stuff and prides herself on being a wife of a surgeon, stepmother of two teenage girls, lover of her 3 dogs and MD of Tisski Ltd.

Some may ask ‘how do you do it?’, others ‘why do you do it?’ the truth is Anna Assassa is a control freak, she loves to live and die by her decisions to see the outcomes without feeling impaired by other corporate decisions or policies. Assassa quotes:

“Small businesses are an adrenalin rush, I get a buzz from running Tisski which now means I don’t have to indulge in my need for extreme sports (as much).”

Assassa firmly believes that being a female boss in a man’s world only becomes an issue when you make it one, there are times when she feels like the power suit and pearls make her stand out from the suit and tie, like IT conferences, when people have a look of surprise on their faces when Anna tells them “I am the CEO” and also when they surprise her by saying that they already met the CEO of Tisski (a male employee of the company). Aside from these few moments, when posed with the questions of ‘What is it like running a business as a woman?’ Anna’s response is something to be inspired by:

“Very similar to running it as a man, I would assume, but I am not sure how I would know.”

The Tisski CEO firmly believes that being a woman should not hold you back in the business world and that you are the only person who can control what you do – so take it from this female boss and #OwnIT.

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