Championing Self-Sufficiency Using Hybrid Delivery with Origin Housing

Origin Housing is a registered social landlord, managing over 7,000 homes across London and Hertfordshire. The organisation provide affordable housing, as well as related care and support services to the people who live in the accommodation they manage.

With plans to replace an existing asset management platform with a new solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Origin had both the capability and resource to build and implement the new solution in-house – but that didn’t mean that they didn’t see value in engaging with experts outside of their organisation.

Governance and technical assurance

In need of a reliable and flexible partner to play a background role in their planning and implementation, Origin was introduced to Tisski and the ways the Microsoft Solutions Partner (formerly known as Microsoft Gold Partner) could support their project by taking on a governance and technical assurance role.

While Origin took the lead on planning their configuration of Dynamics 365 for asset management, Tisski provided a technical architect to review design documentation and highlight beneficial technologies on the horizon in the Microsoft roadmap. By attending workshop sessions, key stakeholders at Origin got the opportunity to share ideas, discuss concerns and gain insight on alternative approaches to those documented.

James Berger, Technology Solutions Manager at Origin Housing, said: “We’re lucky to have a fantastic, in-house Dynamics 365 development team at Origin, but there can be still times when we want a second opinion to guide us and ensure we’re making the best decisions possible before we go ahead with development.

“Forming a partnership with Tisski, where we can work together flexibly, is really beneficial to us. It means we can gain the support of a Microsoft expert – and additional resource – as and when we need to, and this hybrid approach to delivery certainly helps us manage scope and keep costs manageable, too.”

Sarah Eggenhuizen, Origin’s Digital Services Project Manager, said: “Partners have an array of knowledge and experience in other sectors as well, so I think it's important not to discredit what that can be worth. By partnering with Tisski, we’ve ensured that we aren’t just doing things a certain way because that’s how we’ve always done them. We’ve explored alternatives and I’m confident we’ve found the best way forward for Origin as a result.”

Flexibility to suit our customers

When it comes to hybrid partnerships like this relationship with Origin, Tisski provides the opportunity for customers to decide when and how they would like Tisski’s input into their planning and implementation.

“We’re a flexible partner, and supporting customers doesn’t always mean leading an entire implementation – sometimes, it’s just about being there when the customer needs you most,” said Tisski CEO, Anna Assassa. “We want our customers to succeed in whatever it is they’re trying to achieve, whether that means streamlining the way they operate, replacing a system that doesn’t quite work for them, or taking steps to reduce their reliability on external resources.

“At Tisski, we don’t strive to play the ‘lead role’ if that isn’t what a customer needs from us. We’ve taken on a supporting role with Origin, and I’m delighted to say Tisski played a part in helping them take an important step towards establishing self-sufficiency.”

With development of Origin’s new asset management platform underway, Tisski have fulfilled their role; but with this engagement demonstrating the success that can come of hybrid delivery, doors have been left open for future collaboration between the Microsoft partner and housing association.


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Thinking of partnering with Tisski?

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