Digital Transformation for Housing Associations

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Power Platform, and custom-built accelerators, we’re supporting housing associations in their mission to transform the service they deliver with innovative, digital technology.

Across the UK, housing associations are responsible for supplying thousands of affordable homes up and down the country, as well as playing a part in supporting local communities.

For housing providers, tenants are customers – and today, more and more emphasis is being placed on the importance of having a digital customer experience available at tenants’ fingertips.

Behind the scenes, the housing management systems that support your day-to-day operations should be making life easier for you, as well as your customers.

At Tisski, we know that disconnected solutions can cause your housing association more harm than good, which is why we recommend Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform.

Digital Technology Tailored to the Housing Sector

From automated intelligence to connected field service deployment, we’ve got you covered.

We use Microsoft technology as a key enabler to help housing associations commit to a ‘digital first’ approach, quickly and cost-effectively.

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Dynamics 365 Field Service for housing associations

With Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Field Service, housing associations can deliver a fast and efficient service to customer homes. Whether it’s scheduled maintenance or an emergency repair, Microsoft’s innovative field service management software provides a centralised platform to track and manage every step in the journey, from the moment a request is submitted, through to job completion.

Away from the office, the Field Service Mobile App can help your mobile workforce check their jobs and plan their route for the day ahead.

Streamlining your field service operations is a sure-fire way to boost customer satisfaction, and simplifies the management of customer home visits for both your office-based and travelling teams.

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Power Virtual Agents and Power Apps digitally transform the tenant experience

The Microsoft Power Platform has a couple of handy tools to help housing associations digitise their customer experience.

Power Apps portals provide a central hub for your customers to log in and access updates, knowledge base articles, and other relevant resources at a time that suits them. This self-service customer experience can give residents 24/7 access to the information they need, which in turn reduces the administrative burden on your team.

Meanwhile, Power Virtual Agents can introduce chatbot functionality to your organisation, using automation to answer your customers’ most commonly asked questions, giving them the information they’re looking for in a matter of seconds.

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Listen to your tenants with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Putting residents first is a thread woven into many, if not all, housing association strategies – so for social housing providers wondering how to improve customer experience, what better way to find out than by actively seeking their feedback?

A tool that will transform how you gather customer insights, Dynamics 365 Customer Voice uses intelligent automation to request feedback from customers when they reach milestones set by you. If you’ve carried out a repair for a customer, for example, you can automate a feedback request by pinpointing this stage in any journey – and find out whether your customer is happy with the level of service they’ve received.

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Transform tenant engagement with Microsoft's Digital Contact Center

The Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform brings together multiple elements of Microsoft technology to provide you with a toolkit for delivering smooth customers engagements.

With the opportunity to introduce an omnichannel customer experience, you can give your tenants the flexibility to choose how they get in touch, from instant online chat (with an advisor), to SMS, phone, social media and more.

The Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform ensures all communications are captured in a central location, no matter which channel a customer has used to reach you. This makes it easier for your team to track conversations and manage any actions that come off the back of customer contact.

Why should housing associations turn to Microsoft to streamline their digital processes?

Gain a single view of the customer

With the potential to manage all aspects of the customer journey in a centralised platform, you’ll gain a single view of your tenant, making it easier for your team to understand your tenants and help them accordingly.

Uncover cost and time savings

Not only does investing in Microsoft save the need to pay out for multiple third-party platforms, you can also use functionality to deliver significant cost savings, with online requests costing a fraction of what you’d spend handling them over the phone.

Keep your data secure

The Microsoft Cloud is robust, with multiple encryption methods and protocols in place to keep your data safe and secure – not to mention the added bonus that it’ll help your housing association take steps towards going paperless.

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Why is Tisski the trusted digital transformation partner for housing associations?

Having worked closely with Optivo Housing Association, Catalyst Housing Association, Origin Housing Association and others, we’ve delved into priorities in the housing sector, as well as the common challenges, and explored the role technology can play at great length.

Through these close partnerships, we have created and tailored accelerators and a framework to help housing associations transform their digital landscape and gain an even quicker return on investment from Microsoft tech.

Service Request Framework

From the moment you receive a customer request to the moment work is completed, our framework makes it easy to duplicate the processes that support those requests. Designed to help you action service requests quickly and efficiently, the framework can be implemented for a particular type of request, and then repeated and rolled out to address countless other service request types, helping you achieve more for less.


Handling compliments, complaints and comments can be a time-consuming process. Our case management accelerator, FlowCase, centres around self-service portal access. Customers can log concerns and other comments when convenient for them, while the portal frees up time and resource for your team. FlowCase also provides a quick and easy way to access relevant data and share information with colleagues, boosting productivity.


Developed in line with guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), Compliance can help your organisations take control of your data. It provides an easy way to monitor General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and freedom of information (FOI) compliance, with real-time reports highlighting when you might be nearing a breach, and automated prompts to ensure your team keep on top of upcoming deadlines, working in line with best practice.

Microsoft Catalyst: Discover the art of the possible

Microsoft Catalyst funding can help public sector organisations – including those in the housing sector – discover just how much of a difference Microsoft technology could make to their ways of working.

We know every penny counts when you’re making an investment in technology. As a Catalyst-accredited partner, Tisski can guide you through hands-on workshops that demonstrate the tangible benefits and cost savings a move to Microsoft could deliver for your housing association.

As a public sector organisation, you have the opportunity to apply for Catalyst funding. If you’re successful, you’ll benefit from these workshops and our expert knowledge free of charge, with no obligation to commit if you decide Microsoft isn’t the best way forward for you.

Find out more about the Catalyst engagement we delivered for Optivo below.

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