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Refer: Your Trust’s Fast Track to Streamlined Referrals

Around the UK, thousands of people visit NHS facilities every day – but not everyone who visits receives NHS-funded treatment.

For Trusts like our partner, Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) NHS Trust, it can be time-consuming and labour intensive trying to keep on top of who owes what, particularly when it comes to private and overseas patients.

At Tisski, we understand the frustrations caused by this difficulty capturing and tracking non-NHS funded activities, and the huge impact this can have, with some Trusts reporting the loss of millions of pounds, all because of this outstanding debt.

Pair this challenge with the ongoing pressures to improve customer satisfaction and accuracy of reporting on KPIs, and it’s a lot for employees to manage.

Taking this on board, Tisski has built Refer, an accelerator that helps NHS Trusts and other healthcare organisations quickly adopt technology to streamline and digitise associated processes.

The graphic below highlights how Refer can improve life for consultants, referrals teams and even the patients themselves.

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