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Video: Transform Your Force with Microsoft Technology

Police forces around the UK are being challenged to modernise their ways of working.

The 2020 to 2030 National Policing Digital Strategy highlights how policing has met a critical juncture – and forces must start making the most of the digital opportunities available to them if they don’t want to risk of being completely overwhelmed by demand.

Here at Tisski, we’re working with police forces around the UK to help them get the most out of Microsoft, introducing tech solutions like Power Apps for Policing and the Burglary Investigation Power App to help them refine their processes, saving them time and enhancing the services they deliver to citizens in need.

Take a look at our latest video to understand how Microsoft technology – and the work we’ve done to tailor it for police – can support the end-to-end journey, from the moment a member of the public makes a call, to recording information at-scene and delivering quality victim support.

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