Tailored Digital Transformation Solutions for Police Forces

Empowering policing professionals to focus on tasks that matter the most using digital technology and custom-built Power Apps.

Police forces around the UK are tasked with keeping more than 65 million citizens safe – and the local communities they serve look to them to provide effective, accessible and trustworthy services.

With the National Policing Digital Strategy highlighting the key changes needed to better respond to new pressures, time is of the essence for police officers and other police sector workers, and new technologies are ready and waiting to play a part in your citizen response.

Did you know that Microsoft technology can streamline countless processes and reduce administrative burden? This gives officers more time in their day to spend doing what they do best: tackling crime, supporting communities and keeping citizens safe.

As digital transformation specialists, Tisski have worked with multiple police forces to create customised tech solutions that drive efficiency and empower you to deliver a seamless citizen experience.

Digital Technology Tailored to the Policing Sector

UK police forces are on a mission to ditch legacy technology in favour of more modern, innovative ways of working – and we’re here to help.

From the beat to the back-office control room, we can help your force overcome challenges and keep up with digital demand, using the Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to deliver modernisation and change.

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Deliver seamless, digitally enabled experiences with Microsoft’s technology

We know that police forces are on a nationwide drive to enhance digital experiences and open up more channels of communication to their citizens. From ways members of the public report non-emergency crime, to where they can access case information and updates, times are changing – and police forces need to act quickly if they’re hoping to meet demand.

Microsoft’s Digital Contact Center (DCC) platform can help give citizens more choice in how they engage with your force. From WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Messenger, through to online chat, text and phone, the DCC gives you a single platform to manage all citizen interaction and engagement and the freedom to choose how many of these channels as you’d like to open up.

With inappropriate calls to the 101 non-emergency line (whether made in good faith or otherwise) causing a significant drain on police time and resource, the DCC platform can also help by harnessing intelligent automation to filter out calls meant for other agencies, like local councils.

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Transform frontline response and information capture with Power Apps

If there’s one thing we can probably agree on, it’s that giving officers more hours to spend out in the community should be a key priority for every police force around the country – but this isn’t always an easy thing to do.

For forces looking to make the most of technology-driven opportunities, Microsoft Power Apps can help reduce administrative burden by digitalising the way officers capture and store important information, including witness statements and details of the incidents they’re responding to.

With information captured stored centrally and accessible from anywhere, officers are spared the need to double or triple-key information back at headquarters, saving valuable time to invest back on the frontline.

Power Apps can be downloaded onto phones and tablets and used to record information at-scene, with offline capability coming in handy for officers responding to incidents in areas where signal isn’t always reliable. Importantly, Power Apps are customisable and can be built quickly and cost-effectively to suit a wide variety of policing needs. Find out more about our purpose-built Power Apps for Policing suite below.

Power Platform delivers data and insights to help prevent crime

Power Platform delivers data and insights to help prevent crime

Crime prevention is an important arm of policing, and access to high-quality data that’s easy to understand has a vital part to play in prevention strategy.

One of the best things about Microsoft is the way different technologies talk to each other in the background. This ‘single view’ helps bring together data from multiple sources to paint a bigger, more informative picture for officers focused on crime prevention.

Partner Power Apps with intelligent software like Microsoft Power BI and your analysts and officers will be able to access valuable data and insights via interactive dashboards to help identify hotspots and trends. Armed with fresh knowledge and insight, it becomes possible to take a more preventative approach when it comes to tackling crime.

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Enhance your use of familiar technology and gain a quick return on investment

As part of the Police Digital Services (PDS) National Enabling Programmes, police forces around the UK were equipped with new technologies that could introduce new ways of working, and enhance the way information is shared.

With Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Microsoft Office) introduced as part of the programme, other Microsoft software – including Power Apps – can be seamlessly integrated to build a more comprehensive user experience.

For forces looking for quick and cost-effective ways to enhance processes, Power Apps require little to no coding to create and deploy. This makes them handy for delivering a fast return on investment, as well as maximum impact.

Why should police forces use Microsoft tech to deliver on the digital strategy?

Streamline the citizen experience

With high demand and expectation, delivering a smooth citizen experience helps boost public satisfaction. Extend channels of communication, deliver tailored support and give people control over when and where they access information, all while keeping personal data safe and secure.

Give officers the support they deserve

Working under pressure has become part of everyday life for officers around the UK. Microsoft tech has the power to simplify their day-to-day tasks, easing the administrative burden and gifting back valuable time to spend on the streets and in the community.

Do more with your data

Data and technology go hand in hand. With Microsoft as your core system, you can pull data from multiple software into a single dashboard to gain a better understanding of the bigger picture and inform key decisions.

Why is Tisski a trusted digital transformation partner in policing?

At Tisski, we want to deliver Microsoft technology in ways that can drive change and deliver true impact for the forces that adopt it. That’s why our apps and offerings are designed for policing professionals, in partnership with policing professionals.

We’ve worked closely with Cumbria and Durham Constabularies, West Mercia Police and the National Burglary Portfolio, exploring challenges and developing Power Apps and Dynamics 365 configurations to help overcome time and budget constraints and vastly improve ways of working.

Power Apps for Policing

Developed in close connection with Cumbria and Durham Constabularies, our Power Apps for Policing enable officers to capture information digitally on the go. Record statements, log incident details and take photos quickly and easily on a phone or tablet, and access the centrally stored data back at headquarters.

Burglary Investigation Power App

Created alongside Lead for the National Burglary Portfolio, DCI Doug Blackwood and the College of Policing, our Burglary Investigation Power App gives templated questions to support house-to-house enquiries. It also helps provide victims with bespoke advice and support and an instant crime reference number, all while arming operational personnel with data to monitor nationwide trends and better tackle burglaries. This app is free to download from the PDS solutions catalogue.


Built on Dynamics 365 following an engagement with West Mercia Police, VictimAssist is made to enhance the level of support given to victims of crime, introduce self-service functionality to give more control and better access to information and case updates via a secure, online portal.

Join a fully funded, expert-led channel assessment

We’re working directly with Microsoft to offer a fully funded channel assessment that puts your channels in the spotlight and helps you understand how your force could benefit from introducing the Digital Contact Center Platform.

Together, we’ll take a deep dive into your current channels, strategic goals and service requirements, and pinpoint any opportunities for streamlining citizen communications and easing pressure on non-emergency resource.

The session is rounded off with a tailored demonstration that showcases the tangible benefits the Digital Contact Center could bring to your force specifically – all with no obligation to make a purchase.

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