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Why Choose Dynamics 365 Customer Insights as Your Customer Data Platform?

If you feel like your organisation is struggling to curate customer information and release its full business benefit​, you are certainly not alone.

More often than not, businesses will be running different queries across multiple data sources. This can be time-consuming and, essentially, make it difficult to derive true value from the data. But Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights can change that.

Providing pre-built connectors to numerous individual data sources, Customer Insights harmonises data, meaning it does all the hard work for you. From transactional history and point of sale data, through to behavioural data, customer preferences, product usage, and survey related data, you name it, Customer Insights unifies it within a single platform.​

The best thing about this? You can then begin to understand how customers interact with your business through predetermined measures and other KPI​s – and if that doesn’t sell it to you, here are three more reasons to make Customer Insights your customer data platform of choice.

1. Extended Customer Insights with Azure Machine Learning

Data scientists, business analysts, and Business Apps users can leverage the power of Azure Machine Learning (AML) to enhance the capabilities of D365 Customer Insights​.

The ingested and unified data presents a perfect starting point for building custom machine learning models to generate key business metrics​.

To accelerate the initial model development, Customer Insights offer AML Studio–based model pipelines for frequently encountered use cases such as churn analysis, and customer lifetime value.

2. Enriched customer data with brand and interest affinities

In addition to data unification, Customer Insights can enrich data from the Microsoft Graph and other third-party providers, such as Leadspace and Experian Demographics​.

Customer profiles can be built out with brand affinity and interest data, with affinities based on data from people with demographics similar to your customers. This information helps you better understand and segment your customers using their affinities to specific brands and interests​ as a basis.

3. Accelerated time to insight across data warehouses with Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse is an analytics service that accelerates time to insight across data warehouses and big data systems. You can ingest and use your Customer Insights data in Azure Synapse by leveraging a unified experience​.

This is hugely beneficial across scenarios whereby you want to use your customer data in more complex analytics, at scale​.

There is no need to write custom complex scripts in order to extract, transform and load data from Customer Insights into Azure Synapse, and an out-of-the-box configuration experience provides the ability to select the entities required in Azure Synapse to suit these more complex analytics scenarios.

Find out more about Customer Insights

Find out more about Customer Insights

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