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Video: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Housing Management

For housing associations around the UK, outdated and disconnected back-office systems can make it more difficult or time-consuming to carry out daily tasks when they should be playing a significant part in making life easier.

With a sector-wide drive to enhance the tenant experience, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used to deliver improved processes and services – especially those linked to ‘report it’ and ‘request it’ style interactions.

The technology you use should make processes easy for tenants to follow, and shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming for the team members responsible for managing and responding to reports and requests once they’ve been received.

By providing the digital tools and technology to streamline internal processes and centralise tenant services, Dynamics 365 can help housing associations enhance their behind-the-scenes operations and boost tenant satisfaction.

Tisski have worked closely with several housing associations, and we’ve used the insight we’ve gained to gain an understanding of how best Dynamics 365 can support housing teams.

How to improve customer experience with Microsoft technology

From scheduling repairs, and planning maintenance programmes and events, through to managing tenant and customer communications and more, Dynamics 365 offers a centralised platform where data is safely stored and only shared with those who have relevant permissions.

Dynamics 365 can integrate with other platforms too, helping housing associations connect the dots between finance systems, customer relationship management software and more to gain an all-encompassing view of tenants and any past interactions.

For the tenants themselves, Tisski’s approach provides access to a self-service portal. Here, they can request a repair, report a concern and find information through knowledge-based articles. The key thing here is tenants being able to access information at a time that suits them.

The introduction of Power Virtual Agents (chatbots) can also ensure tenants get instant answers to commonly asked questions online, while omnichannel functionality gives the chance to offer an alternative way of reaching a member of your customer support team directly via live online chat.

By incorporating Customer Voice, tenants are also prompted to give feedback on their experience, helping your housing association identify key areas for improvements and opportunities for further enhancement of the customer experience you deliver.

Please note: Tisski was a Microsoft Gold Partner when the video above was created. Since then, Microsoft have introduced a new format for their partner programme, so we’re no longer referred to as a Gold Partner. You can find out more in our handy Microsoft Partner Program FAQ.

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