Digital Transformation Solutions Tailored to Local Government

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, we’re helping councils transform the ways they serve their residents, taking citizen engagement to the next level.

Local authorities provide over 800 different services to their citizens, and in the face of budget cuts and rising targets, driving efficiencies and exploring cost-saving opportunities is key for local councils – and improving day-to-day operations with innovative technology could be just the thing.  
By using Microsoft technology, you can offer your customers user-friendly digital tools for quicker and easier access to information and assistance, as well as simpler and more efficient processes for your team, making the management of requests and communications a breeze.  
With Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, you’ll benefit from all your data and tech being in one easy-to-access location, getting rid of multi-platform approaches and saving both time and money, allowing your organisation to set aside budget for other value-driven activities. 

Technology for digital transformation within local government

Automating and streamlining processes has never been easier.

We use Microsoft technology as a basis to support local councils with a simple, cost-effective approach to digitalisation. 

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Dynamics 365 Customer Service for smoother customer interaction

Keeping your customers happy can be a challenge when you're providing services and support to thousands of people at a time – but Dynamics 365 Customer Service can help by providing the tools to deliver an online experience tailored to suit your customers’ every need.

With access to a self-service portal, customers can raise requests, check updates and access information all in one centralised location. With Omnichannel for Customer Service, they'll also be able to communicate with your team instantly via live chat, text or social media, getting the answers to their questions quickly through a channel that suits them most.

Freeing up valuable time and resource, this software automates common day-to-day tasks, allowing your team to manage routine requests with ease and shift their focus to more pressing issues.

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Quickly and easily overcome challenges with Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps offer a low-code solution to refining processes and overcoming common organisational challenges. They're a simple and cost-effective way to create tailored applications that meet your specific requirements, and quick to deploy, so you can respond to demand swiftly and effectively.

We offer a range of accelerators and frameworks, meaning it's never been easier to create your own app. The apps are fully customisable, meaning you get to choose the functionality that suits you, dragging and dropping it into your app in an instant.

Alongside apps, you can also create portals for external users, meaning your customers or partners can access web pages and submit information securely at a click of a button.

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Dynamics 365 Field Service to manage resources effectively

Using Dynamics 365 Field Service, local councils can effectively manage their mobile workforce, delivering quick and efficient customer service for repairs, servicing, surveys and everything in between.

Field Service provides all the necessary digital tools to complete a service request all in one centralised platform, offering simple, streamlined end-to-end management of the process.

With the Field Service Mobile App, your team can access up-to-date information on the go, with scope to map routes and allocate work based on skillset, reducing travel time and associated costs, as well as improving first-time fix rates – pleasing both customers and employees.

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Handle requests quicker with the Service Request Framework

People contact their local council for a whole host of different reasons, meaning you can receive hundreds of service requests every single day.

With our Service Request Framework, developed using Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can handle customer queries and issues quickly and efficiently, tracking the request from the minute the initial report is received, all the way through to resolution – making time-consuming tasks more manageable.

The repeatable framework supports councils with the introduction of technology in a quick and convenient manner, centralising and streamlining internal processes. Reporting and resolving issues such as fly-tipping, broken streetlights, graffiti and more, has never been easier.

Why should local councils consider digitalisation?

Make time and cost savings

Save time, money and resource by using one centralised system that combines data and information from a variety of sources into one easily accessible platform – giving you more functionality and a single view of your customer.

Minimise risks with protected data

With Microsoft Cloud, your data will be kept safe and secure in an online environment, benefitting from multiple encryption methods and protocols for added security. Unlike with on-premise, legacy systems, you’ll no longer have to monitor capacity or updates as it'll all be taken care of for you.

Meet the new demand for self-service

Understand your citizens better and offer a seamless customer experience. With self-service portals, your customers won't have to jump through hoops to get the information they need; their requests can be handled quickly via a channel that works for them.

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Here at Tisski, we understand that local authorities face a multitude of different tasks and requests every day. We’ve worked closely with councils up and down the UK, joining forces to modernise their processes and solve some of their biggest challenges.

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Why is Tisski the trusted digital transformation partner for local government?

Here at Tisski, we've worked in close partnership with councils and local authorities up and down the country, gaining a strong understanding of the most common challenges faced in this sector and the ways Microsoft technology can work to alleviate them.

We've designed and tailored accelerators, a framework and a variety of apps to assist local government organisations with their digitalisation journey, offering efficient delivery and quick implementation.

Support Team App and Agency Portal

Our Support Team App and Agency Portal have been carefully created to support citizens experiencing disadvantage and offer local councils an easier way to monitor and improve citizen welfare. The app allows for 360-degree visibility of an individual’s circumstances, allowing for records to be kept and shared between multiple agencies, and for proactive support plans to be put in place – ensuring those in need get the help and support to change their lives for the better.


Crafted using Microsoft Dynamics 365, our accelerator, FlowCase, offers you a unique case management solution that provides a smooth digital experience for your customers. Through automation, streamlined workflows and simplified task allocation, the accelerator significantly reduces time spent on administrative tasks and costs involved with manual data input. FlowCase also provides a secure, self-service portal that offers a single point of access to immediate key information and relevant data.

Microsoft Catalyst funded workshops

Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Power Platform and the Microsoft Cloud, Microsoft Catalyst is an envisioning and planning programme that offers an innovative approach to digital transformation. Microsoft Catalyst funding can help public sector organisations explore the wealth of benefits Microsoft technology has to offer. We’re proud to be a Catalyst-accredited partner, here to help you take advantage of hands-on workshops at no cost, subject to a successful funding application.

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